Upcoming Events

NANSIG/SBNS Introduction to Neurosurgery Workshop
20 June, Sheffield
A superb hands-on workshop designed for medical students and foundation doctors.
Please register your interest by emailing your CV to by midnight, 6 May 2018.


Previous Events

Introduction to Neurosurgery Afternoon // 11th April 2018

7th Neurosurgery Careers Day // Saturday 27th January 2018

SBNS NANSIG Introduction to Neurosurgery Skills Workshop // Friday 17th November 2017

ABN Neurology for Medical Students // Wednesday 11th October 2017

NUNC 2017 // Saturday 8th April 2017

Neurosurgery Workshop // Friday 20th January 2017

6th Neurosurgery Careers Day // Saturday 21st January 2017