NANSIG are delighted to announce a date for our 10th annual Neurosurgery careers day. With it being our tenth anniversary, we are aiming for the best careers day yet, featuring talks and workshops from the UK’s leading Neurosurgeons on all aspects of Neurosurgery including:
Work-life balance in Neurosurgery- from registrar to consultant
Neurosurgery in global context
How to maximize points in foundation training and medical school
Academic Neurosurgery- how to get published and life as an academic Neurosurgeon
Neurosurgery CV clinics
Student oral and poster presentations
And much more!!
Date: Saturday 30th January 2021
Location: Online
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To obtain the conference booklet, please click here



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‘The Next Step’ online content hub contains useful guides, articles and podcasts on our important key topics, as well as social media channels, to keep our followers up to date with new events and content. The content hub which contains articles such as understanding your first payslip, upcoming fees and outgoings and how to claim expenses give students tips that they can implement right away, as well as covering key financial considerations for the future such as salary progression to help them plan better for their futures.Content Hub:


As a NANSIG member you have free access to ebrain.

ebrain is a non-profit raising initiative brought to you by the Joint Neurosciences Council.

ebrain incorporates 650+ interactive, multimedia-rich lessons in 24 modules, along with 100+ webinars, virtual case reports, practice examinations, learning paths and a bibliography. This represents the world’s largest, most comprehensive web-based training resource in clinical neuroscience.

Each elearning session is a self-contained 20-minute piece of learning that starts with learning objectives and ends with a summary and questions.

ebrain can be used by both trainees and trainers to support CPD across all neuroscience specialties. Certificates are provided that can be used within portfolios and to evidence self-directed CME and CPD points can be claimed.


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The Unofficial Guide to Medicine

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Severn Healthcare Technologies

“SEVERN Healthcare Technologies have a pedigree in neurospine medical device distribution going back over 30 years.

Severn staff have many years of accumulated experience in neurosurgery and spinal surgical specialties including: monitoring electrodes for the surgical treatment of epilepsy, frame-based stereotaxy in functional Neurosurgery, a dural closure, adhesion control, cranial opening and closure and theatre ancillaries.

Severn’s manufacturing partners include AdTech (epilepsy monitoring); Elekta (Leksell Vantage Stereotaxy System); Kogent (non-stick bipolar forceps); Evonos (cranial fixation plating systems and perforators); BiosCompass (AntiAD anti-adhesion gel); Polyganics (LIQOSEAL Dural Sealant); Medprin (Dural Substitutes) and PharmaSept (sterile equipment drapes), all of whom are global market leaders in their respective fields.

The Severn commitment to the surgical specialties that we serve is to consistently provide gold standard technologies that are being continuously enhanced by innovation and development, industry leading customer service with competent technical support and quality education programmes.

Our ambition is to provide added value in everything that we do, so that our customers have a delightful experience in all their dealings with Severn.”



For over 50 years, our Midas Rex™ platform has been the name in surgical drills. Like you, we don’t rest on our past — we build upon it. Because we innovate, we continue to be the leader in reliability, performance and surgeon preference.

The Midas Rex™ MR8™ high-speed drill system has a lower operating temperature, less chatter, improved visibility of the surgical site and even better cutting performance.* Navigable with StealthStation™ S8, it seamlessly integrates with other technologies in our portfolio.