Ongoing research projects

  1. Qualitative Survey of Women’s Thoughts on Social Media and NeurosurgeryProtocol
  2. ELISAR GB Protocol
  3. CRANIALMore info

Research output:

1. Why Are Aspiring Neurosurgeons Considering Leaving the National Health Service to Pursue a Career in North America? (October 2020) – World Neurosurgery (

2. Personal protective equipment and infection prevention and control: a national survey of UK medical students and interim foundation doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic (TBC)

3. CSF rhinorrhoea after endonasal intervention to the anterior skull base (CRANIAL): proposal for a prospective multicentre observational cohort study (September 2020) – British Journal of Neurosurgery (

4. Neurosurgery specialty training in the UK: What you need to know to be shortlisted for an interview (September 2020) – Annals of Medicine and Surgery (

5. Adjusting to Disrupted Assessments, Placements and Teaching (ADAPT): a snapshot of the early response by UK medical schools to COVID-19

6. Medical students’ mood adversely affected by COVID-19 pandemic: An interim analysis from the SPICE-19 prospective cohort study of 2075 medical students and interim foundation doctors (July 2020) 10.21203/

7. The evolution of an SBNS-accredited NANSIG simulated skills workshop for aspiring neurosurgical trainees: an analysis of qualitative and quantitative data (May 2020) – Acta Neurochir (

8. Social media could address the gender gap in neurosurgery (March 2020) – Lancet Neurology (

9. ENTICE Project (May 2019) – British Journal of Neurosurgery (

10. Launching an SBNS-accredited Neurosurgical skills workshop for medical students and foundation trainees (July 2017) – British Journal of Neurosurgery (

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