Ongoing research projects

  1. Qualitative Survey of Women’s Thoughts on Social Media and NeurosurgeryProtocol
  2. ELISAR GB Protocol
  3. CRANIALMore info

Research output:

1. The evolution of an SBNS-accredited NANSIG simulated skills workshop for aspiring neurosurgical trainees: an analysis of qualitative and quantitative data (May 2020) – Acta Neurochir (

2. Social media could address the gender gap in neurosurgery (March 2020) – Lancet Neurology (

3. ENTICE Project (May 2019) – British Journal of Neurosurgery (

4. Launching an SBNS-accredited Neurosurgical skills workshop for medical students and foundation trainees (July 2017) – British Journal of Neurosurgery (

Journal Club

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