Current Research projects

  1. Qualitative Survey of Women’s Thoughts on Social Media and NeurosurgeryProtocol
  2. ELISAR GB Protocol
  3. CRANIALMore info


1. Social media could address the gender gap in neurosurgery (March 2020) – Lancet Neurology

Correspondence (click here) – Emma Norton, Jigi Moudgil-Joshi and Soham Bandyopadhyay

2. ENTICE Project (May 2019) – British Journal of Neurosurgery

Article (click here) – (M.Fountain et al., 2019)

3. Launching an SBNS-accredited Neurosurgical skills workshop for medical students and foundation trainees (July 2017) – British Journal of Neurosurgery

Letter to editor (click here) – Mohammed Kamel, Daniel M.Fountain, Paul May, Richard Ashpole