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A Word About NANSIG As An Organisation...

"For me this organisation is about being able to cultivate interest in the neurosciences and help inspire people in the UK regardless of where they come from. NANSIG to me represents this inspiration but on a national scale and is a principle that is at the core of our organisation. I know that as an organisation we are quite neurosurgery based, due to the competitive nature of the speciality but to me as an organisation we represent the whole spectrum from neurology, neurosurgery, neuropsychiatry, neuroradiology and anything else to do with the brain and spinal cord! On a secondary basis, NANSIG to me is the organisation on a whole and a key part of this is our focus on collaboration. Whether through our careers day, or our cutting edge research and education models"
NANSIG Chair 2021-2022
Conor Gillespie, MPhil (Candidate), MBChB (Candidate), University of Liverpool
"There's just so much potential in this society, wanting to pursue a career in neurosurgery can be quite difficult sometimes but there just so much energy, enthusiasm and teamwork in our supportive network. I feel extremely proud that I'm affiliated with this organisation"
NANSIG Core Committee Member 2021-2022
Jay Park, MBChB (Candidate)
"What first struck me when I joined NANSIG was how warm and inviting everybody was, honestly it was a breath of fresh air, the profession we are in is notorious for being very competitive and hostile at times but I have never felt that whilst I've been at NANSIG"
NANSIG Regional Representative 2020-2021
Shekinah Osuchukwu