In light of the UK Government’s decision to move to the DELAY phase of their effort to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 virus, we have taken the decision to reschedule all in person events hosted by NANSIG from Monday 16th March 2020 to September 1st 2020

Upcoming Neurosurgical Events

10th SBNS/NANSIG Neurosurgery Careers Day 2021 – Oxford

Webinar 5: Neuro-oncology with Miss Kathrin Whitehouse 

Upcoming Neurology Events


Previous Events

Webinar 4: Skull Base Neurosurgery with Mr Andrew F. Alalade

Webinar 3: Paediatric Neurosurgery with Mr Martin Tisdall

NANSIG’s 5th Journal Club – Professor Michael Jenkinson and the ROAM trial

Webinar 2: Principles of Neurosurgery with Mr Sanjeeva Jeyaretna

Webinar 1 : Neurosurgical career insights with Mr Ibrahim Jalloh

NANSIG’s 4th Journal Club – Covid-19: Neurological and neuropsychiatric complications

Free online neurosurgery workshop, 1st July 2020

Neurosurgical residency in the US & Canada: A guide for UK IMGs. // Wednesday 3rd June 2020, Online (Zoom)

NANSIG 5th Annual Introductory Neurosurgical Skills Course, 24th March, Dundee 2020

NANSIG Neuroscience Career’s Day, Dublin 2020

Scrubs surgical skills workshop 2020 – Queen’s University Belfast

9th SBNS/NANSIG Neurosurgery Careers Day // Saturday 18th January 2020, Birmingham

4th NANSIG/SBNS Introduction to Neurosurgical Skills Workshop // Tuesday 18th June 2019, Sheffield

NANSIG & RCSI Neurological Study day // Event link // Saturday 16 February 2019, Dublin

The National Neuroanatomy Competition // Saturday 23 February 2019, Southampton

8th SBNS/NANSIG Neurosurgery Careers Day // Saturday 26th January 2019, London

NANSIG/SBNS Introduction to Neurosurgery Skills Workshop // Wednesday 20th June 2018, Sheffield

7th Neurosurgery Careers Day // Saturday 27th January 2018

NANSIG/SBNS Introduction to Neurosurgery Skills Workshop // Friday 17th November 2017

ABN Neurology for Medical Students // Wednesday 11th October 2017

NUNC 2017 // Saturday 8th April 2017

6th Neurosurgery Careers Day // Saturday 21st January 2017