5th Annual Introductory Neurosurgical Skills Course

Endorsed by the Society of British Neurological Surgeons, the Neurology and Neurosurgery Interest Group are running our fifth introductory neurosurgical skills course for medical students and foundation year doctors with an interest in neurosurgery.

This one-day workshop will be held on the Friday 24th September 2021 at the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID) – University of Dundee. The programme will cover many core neurosurgical techniques, including positioning, burr holes, ventricular access and cranial flaps. For the first time ever, we will be introducing an element of virtual reality into the workshop to give our delegates a more immersive experience.

The consumable equipment you will use costs in excess of £1,000 per individual, but thanks to our generous sponsors we are able to offer the course for a fee of £75. We are a strictly not-for-profit organisation.

To apply for a place on the course please apply using the google form below. The deadline is midnight Monday 30th August 2021. We will notify the successful candidates the following week.

We hope to see you in Dundee!

Thanks to the KLS Martin Group, our workshop prices, our Dundee workshop price is now £75!!! This makes it the cheapest neurosurgical skills workshop ever. Thank you especially to Mr Ibrahim, consultant Neurosurgeon in Dundee.

Ms Anna Solth, Consultant Neurosurgeon

Hima Elmadaawai, Neurosurgery SpR

Gadoura Fadellala, Neurosurgery SpR

Pankaj Nanda, Neurosurgery SpR

Ribhav Parischa, Neurosurgery SpR

Venetia Giannakaki, Neurosurgery SpR

Himanshu Shekhar (consultant Neurosurgeon)

Nathan McSorley, Mohammed Fadelalla, and Mohammed Fadelalla (all SpRs)

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